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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2010 8:00am-8:30am PST

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supervisors some time ago, since i was in the board, they said we had to have a youth program, and they are great folks, and they also realize the importance of this , so the thank you very much. >> my name is francisco, and for 10,000 years, we had -- he used
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our waters. they used a boat -- used boats made of -- and some white women saved the bay, and there is a document about it, and not very long ago, some ship's people were black, who came from haiti, and they build ships. -- built ships. there was a captain from the coast guard who sailed those ships from san francisco to alaska. we need to give a history.
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a gentleman came and spoke badly about supervisor daly. he is a righteous person. he may not come across sometimes to be very polite, but he asks the right questions. some forget about history. what we are really discussing our terms about money. there are those who are greedy. focusing on the eir and the ceqa
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and other standards because of the public trust. supervisor maxwell: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i am the operations manager for sailing down in south beach harbor. we do everything from sailing lessons from every part of the city and have had a number of people come to learn specifically on the san francisco bay. we have been fielding phone calls. we also have vessels that come with captain and crew which
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range in a passenger count from 25 to 77. we hire anywhere from 15 to 30 people. >> good elkton incomes supervisors. i am president of a ceiling association, and i want to talk to you a little bit about what it means to do community sailing on san francisco bay. we have been around for about 10 years now. community sailing of this sort is very important for the city.
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bringing the sairs to san francisco bay is an incredible man-of opportunity for our kids. there was the america's cup syndicate, which has some funds to pass on, from olympic events
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coming events of this magnitude. you ask, supervisor mar, about sailing, and that is something i think all of a seven responsibility to do. we're kidding ourselves if we think it is. there are a lot of nonprofit organizations and outreach programs in the city that are trying to change the sport of sailing, that are trying to make it accessible. but it is difficult to raise awareness. the gentleman who came here previously, i empathize with him. we should be doing a better job of telling him about these opportunities. they are out there. but -- supervisor maxwell: supervisor mar has a comment.
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supervisor mar: sf. how did you become involved with that? >> my father was involved in it. he did not think it was right. it is something i am not proud of, and that is why i have worked so hard to try to change it. this is really a unique opportunity to raise awareness for sailing and help sailing go through the transition that golf and tennis went through decades earlier. supervisor maxwell: thanks. >> my name is jake, and i run a company called a group experiential learning. we operate programs on sailboats, and i am extremely encouraged to follow her,
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because it is because of her that i actually do what i do. 10 years ago, she asked me if i was one of those internet guys. she asked me if i would coach a group of six, seven, and eight- year-courold's, and what i wantd to do is tell you and to note how the business benefits can actually help get more kids out. since 2003, company has organized has organized something like 15 charity regattas in washington, d.c., chicago, new york, and friday is our sixth annual for the treasure and the area. it is so simple. take the companies that want to get involved in the america's cup, get their people out sailing, and get them to donate money.
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my own business benefits it. it is a team sport. clearly, we have to do an awful lot quickly to take the vantage of the opportunity, but with the people in front of me and the people behind me, we can do it. supervisor maxwell: why do you not come on up, and then john from long beach. >> my name is ronald simpson. we have heard all day about disabled sailors, and sailors in general reach out and help the community. just this weekend, there was a regatta. we were raising money for
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leukemia. there is a national regatta all of the nation. i raced under a banner of for a national nonprofit organization. raising money, raising awareness for these causes. i just want to say this sailing is something that can be used as a vehicle for positive change, positive benefits in the community, and if we bring this to san francisco, nothing but positive things can occur. there are so many different aspects, and i also did work in the marina sailing business. i do work on charters, and we have had a lot of interests. you go inside, you pay money, in
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his sign right up. it will be a good, positive thing for the community. supervisor maxwell: next speaker, and then [reading names] >> good evening. great stamina and you guys have. i strongly support this initiative. i am also a member of the current thing in catering division -- corinthian catering division, and i represent the
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corinthian yacht club that has over 600 members and is fully supporting. i also want to note that all clubs of some tort -- type of program to get people to come in. most clubs have a youth group. they do things to develop kids in sailing. they're always looking for people, a set of sneakers and some foul weather gear. no money necessary. you might get a sandwich of the deal. it is a great sport. i have been doing it for 20 years, and it is an important support to me. one thing i think is important
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is that we are in competition on it. it does not mean that we have it. thank you very much. supervisor maxwell: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, evening, and perhaps. i am the author of the report that you have in front of you. i primarily wanted to make myself accessible to you. i can leave my contact information. on the report, in terms of whether it is conservative or the numbers are large, we have full disclosure. it is very hard for me to keep the numbers from going out of proportion.
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we wanted to stick with what we note and did not want to speculate about future potential benefits, so we try to make the numbers conservative. you are right. they are too small. we do not know how big they will be. another, who is going to get the jobs. its shares to the occupation where the jobs occur, and the bulk of the jobs occur in the hospitality sector. these will be for low-income workers, low-income individuals in san francisco. and finally, not within the scope of the report, but in terms of making this look less like the room, the best way to do that note is making kids aware of what's ailing can be, and there is absolutely no better way of doing that. supervisor maxwell: thank you.
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i think i have gone through all of my cards, so if there is anybody i have not called the one to speak, please come up now. anybody who would like to speak, please come up now. >> i was not going to speak, but just for a moment, i want to congratulate you. i have been a sailor for 40 years, and it was a long bet that we would never get this far. i think the job that has been done by the team is phenomenal. we raise money to give money and give money note to all ages, all types of people who have an interest in this within which we live. thank you for your consideration. supervisor maxwell: anybody else? come forward. if there is anybody else, please
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line up. >> f8u, supervisors. -- thank you, supervisors. not all dollars are well spent. i have been a resident since day one. in terms of the access issue, i did not learn to sail through a yacht club.
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the day armstrong landed on the moon, it was costing me $2.50 per hour. even though we stopped to listen to your arm strong pitch to be one small move for mankind, we were paying the exorbitant fee of $2.50 through the public parks and recreation program, which allowed me to get into sailing. we have been there for the last 20 years.
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we have won it in the name of san francisco, not in the name of america. thank you. supervisor maxwell: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i am a local sailor, and i also worked in the industry locally, and we wanted to mention again what you found in your website of www. -- we collectively got together to try it determine how to raise more awareness about sailing boat in the san francisco bay area. we may banners and put them on boats.
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in order to get sailing known to the general public. calling sailing an elitist sport is kind of like calling baseball an elitist sport. yes, you have to be super rich to of a ball team, but you do not have to be super rich to enjoy sailing may be to own a yacht, like -- you do not have to be super rich to enjoys sailing, maybe to own a yacht, like larry ellison, but you do not have to be reached to sail. all you need is a pair of sailing gloves and some issues that do not slip. -- some issues that do not slip.
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-- some shoes. i really appreciate your time to hear us. supervisor maxwell: next speaker. >> hello. my name is john. i work for an llc which goes wind turbines and photovoltaics, and i just want to commend you for the tremendous opportunity for the city of san francisco to be a city to host america's cup as well as the project that is associated with it. the green collar jobs are very much needed right now, and i am here to congratulate you, as i understand, it will create over
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9000 jobs. that is very important. thank you. supervisor maxwell: all right, without any further ado, i do not see anyone else lined of for public comment, so i will close public comment. if you have any closing comment if you have something you want to speak to, we will give the opportunity to do that. >> thank you, supervisors. i do appreciate your patience with this hearing today, and i would like to say i really appreciate the depth and breadth of the public, and that came out in order to speak about this opportunity. we have been taking copious notes around some of the questions you all had, and it is our intention to both answer these questions and incorporate them into an agreement that we will discuss with you and bring to you informed before we bring it back to you in the committee. this will be within the next six
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months or some weeks. much more specificity around youth participation, particular with the public school children, the ways in which the america's cup would affect an impact recreation opportunities. partners large and small. something that is very meaningful and long lasting. these other types of things we welcome. these go forward to reflect those values and beliefs and principles that san francisco
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has and holds dear on any sort of opportunity like this. and we want to go forward very strongly with one voice as a city and bring the opportunity of working with the america's cup committee and with the sailing community. >> -- supervisor maxwell: colleagues, any questions? supervisor mar? supervisor mar: making sure the department of environment is included, lines 14 and 16, so what does recommend we add in the department of the environment. and -- so what i would just recommend is that we add in the department of the environment. supervisor maxwell: 01 to thank
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the city staff. they have done a remarkable job. this has really been a great exercise, and i feel it will bring benefits, even if we do not get the cup. this has been a good exercise. i am not going to say that. "when the cup comes." [applause] yes, i am extremely excited. thinking about our bay and what it means to us, and as time goes on, about our bay and its health, and i hope that we will use this as an opportunity to get people thinking about our bay and delta and water and where it comes from. there is a tremendous opportunity here. also, an opportunity to get
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people involved. i look at women, women entrepreneurs. we should start talking to them about things that they can do. small, pop-up opportunities for women and people of color and other people to get involved. there should be no child here or adult that does not get that opportunity. that does not get that opportunity. it is really remarkable to see it from the water side. a lot of people do not get the opportunity, but we need to make sure that they do. this goes back to our water, if -- back to getting people aware of what this means to them, because when the boat comes, and they are not aware, if they do not feel it, then a lot of us would be out of luck, so i think
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this is a great opportunity. we have a lot of work to do. a lot of the issues are manageable. let's look at everything. chris daly's comments are extremely important. they are important to me, so i want to be able to manage the liabilities. we can always deal with the assets, but let's see if we can deal with these and make them assets, as well. colleagues, any further comment? yes? supervisor mirkarimi: i just want to say that there has not been a major sporting event since the 1994 world cup in this part of our state. that was hosted by the stanford games, and what was noticed then in 1994 was the dearth of soccer fields all around the bay area but particularly in san
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francisco, and what they did to precipitate a strong campaign for the infusion of soccer fields, especially inner-city soccer fields, due to the gifts, known as the legacy tour, which actually installed the first soccer field in the bay area, several in san francisco in the mission district. what did demonstrated, even though we were not the direct hosts in that area, half -- what that demonstrated, even though we were not the direct hosts in that area, or capitalized that much more. in 2010, contemplating what division is with us being really the epicenter of the world wide event of such prestige and excitement that is leading up to what is hosting this. we can transform this sport and transformed this event, unlike anything that has been done
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before, and when questions of accessibility come up, we can literally we orient this sport so that it answers the question in a san francisco value kind of way. we talk about finding the right technique in the pulpit in order to capitalize on creating jobs, that helps answer the question that has been answered for years about maritime development or doing something meaningful and profound in a portion of the port that is otherwise remained pretty much abeyant. this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. not just in the process of of hosting the cup, but during the due diligence of us coming together to make sure that we yield every asset that we possibly can. i think this reveals the we're heading in that direction. supervisor maxwell: ok, colleagues, we have an
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amendment. do we need to have to repeat this? would you repeat that just for everybody? supervisor chiu: it is just adding the department of environment. clerk somera: -- >> it would be to put a last further resolved clause, with chapter 29 administrative code, the responsibility, and requirements they are under. the city will conduct a feasibility study at such time as the projects are better defined to the process contemplated. supervisor maxwell: so we are adding another "resolved" clause, and in this as amended, vot--